Data Is The Currency Fueling ABM Success

Welcome to the latest issue of ABM In Action! We’ve had some amazing conversations with ABM practitioners over the past several months, but we’ve also spoken with B2B companies looking to adopt an account-based strategy. While they realize marketing budget can benefit their ABM efforts, they also acknowledge that they need a stronger currency to get it done right: data.

Whether you want to refine current ABM programs or launch new campaigns, having the right first- and third-party data on prospective accounts is vital to proper segmentation, personalized engagement and maximum efficiency from sales and business development reps.

As we prepare to enter the final quarter of the year — a time for review and assessment of past campaigns — this issue of ABM In Action shares some unique case studies that highlight how companies are cashing in on leveraging the right data and seeing success in their targeting, engagement and measurement efforts. Here’s what’s in store:

  • Imprivata shares their story of adopting SiriusDecisions’ Demand Unit Waterfall and how the company successfully uses first- and third-party intent data to generate demand unit scores;
  • TimeTrade discusses how it addressed its data concerns to build out on-point ideal customer profiles, ultimately driving $6 million in pipeline;
  • The team at MarketSource talks about their segmentation strategy and how to leverage the right insights to assign BDRs specific accounts for engagement;
  • Samantha Stone of the Marketing Advisory Network shares six things that can jumpstart ABM programs, as well as how account selection must be driven by data to fuel success; and
  • Tegile Systems shines some light on how robust, flexible data sets were the key to their ABM planning, as well as the value of technographic insights.

There are great takeaways to gain from these stories; we look forward to hearing about what you learn from these practitioners.


Brian Anderson
Managing Editor
ABM In Action