A Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Mark Ogne

Founder, CEO, ABM Consortium

Platforms and ideas will come and go, but the concept of defined audiences will remain and become pervasive across B2B marketing.

While there’s a glimmer of hope that this account-based marketing rollercoaster of hype and hyperbole will smooth out, the next few years are going to be tumultuous, yet, a lot of fun!

At the ABM Consortium, we’ve learned from and worked with several thousand organizations for nearly four years. More than conjecture and some new jingle, our focus and the trends noted below are vendor agnostic and 100% focused on quantifying the path towards high-performance ABM and to help marketers and vendors achieve it.

Before getting started, I’d like to submit a word of advice based upon trends we see from those who outperform the market. At these organizations, ABM is viewed as a data challenge. They achieved the right ABM results because they set a firm foundation. To distill a quick punch list, consider that somewhere you have relationships with just about any organization you could add to a target account list. Find those organizations and their contacts within your sales and marketing systems and tag them. For each account, identify who you know, and more importantly, who you don’t know. Determine where they are in their buying journey and tag that. Identify the nurturing flows they already participate in and determine if you need to change that.

Trends my organization is tracking include:

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