Doubling Down On ABM Top-Of-Mind For Marketers In 2019

Welcome to our first ABM In Action issue of 2019! Last year proved that account-based strategy is here to stay, and we predict that 2019 will be the year that B2B organizations double down on their ABM efforts.

We saw in 2018 that many B2B businesses were rolling out ABM pilots to a select number of accounts, aiming to gain a sense of what the practice can do for them. Based on all of the success stories we’ve covered, as well as many of the stories heard from events throughout the year, taking the leap to ABM has been fruitful.

This issue of ABM In Action shares some stories of account-based success that helped practitioners prove that account-based strategies are beneficial to not only marketing teams — but also sales teams and the entire organization. Read on to learn:

As always, we look forward to hearing what you learn from these ABM success stories. You can share your thoughts on Twitter and be sure to tag us at @ABM_In_Action!


Brian Anderson
Managing Editor
ABM In Action