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Engagio has released Orchestrate, a tool that aims to enable high-impact, automated plays across advertising, sales engagement, direct mail, CRM and marketing automation channels. The solution is designed to help teams target accounts during each point of the buying journey to build audiences for personalized campaign efforts.

The solution utilizes data sourced from multiple marketing systems to segment accounts by persona, industry, buying stage, behavior, intent and more to help sales and marketing teams push relevant campaigns to specific audiences to drive engagement.

Other features include:

  • Cross-channel plays that automate actions in response to account activity;
  • Account-based advertising to manage audiences through platforms such as LinkedIn;
  • Automated customer data management with features such as Create Task, Change Data and Add to Campaign;
  • Streamlined plays that automatically activate campaigns for cold accounts; and
  • Engagement alerts that show account executives’ activity of a lost account.

“My prediction for the next 10 years is that marketers will need to work with their sales counterparts like a soccer team, passing the ball back and forth as they move it down the field,” said Jon Miller, CEO and Founder of Engagio, in a statement to ABM In Action. “That’s why we built the Engagio Orchestrate product. It augments your existing martech stack and brings the capabilities you need to coordinate cross-channel plays that connect digital and automated channels with offline and human ones, including email, direct mail, B2B advertising and sales engagement. Customers are using it for things like activating intent data, launching precisely targeted sales sequences and coordinating multi-channel cross-sell campaigns.”

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