Scaling A
Hyper-Personalized Account Strategy In Cybersecurity


Volume 05, Issue 04 • October 2020

ABM continues to be a key ingredient for success for many B2B organizations.

This quarter’s small-but-mighty issue spotlights a pioneer of account-based sales and marketing plays — Marlowe Fenne of FireEye — who has had massive success developing ABM programs for numerous companies. He gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how his ABM initiative has generated $8 million in pipeline for FireEye.

Plus, read about:

  • Brand-new research from ITSMA on how B2B executives engage. Rob Leavitt hares insights into executive account priorities & personalized outreach and content consumption and creation.
  • The complexities of ABM for technology and service providers. Check out the Q&A with Gartner analysts Todd Berkowitz and Noah Elkin.
  • Adobe used data and AI to reimagine in-person events into top-notch virtual experiences.

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