Jumpstarting Revenue Strategies
In 2020


Volume 05, Issue 01 • January 2020

Happy New Year, marketers! Welcome to the first ABM In Action issue of 2020. We’re kicking off the new decade with a very special edition guide to help jumpstart your future revenue strategies.

Since January is an optimal time for revenue kick-offs, we decided to partner with industry experts on this special edition issue to share tips and best practices on how to achieve sales and marketing alignment for ABM, manage and augment data and orchestrate ABM plays like a pro. Plus, you’ll learn what the experts are doing to enhance and scale their practices in 2020.

In the following pages, you’ll hear about: 

  • A unique success story from Atlatl, a company that operationalized intelligence in real-time to increase conversion rates by a whopping 400%;
  • Three orchestration secrets to scale ABM;
  • Two examples of B2B companies leveraging direct mail and easy-to-execute videos to close deals fast; and
  • How Invoca merged its digital marketing and direct mail efforts to achieve 15X ROI.

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