Conversation Changers:
5 Top B2B Marketers That Drove ABM Success In Their Organizations


Volume 04, Special Issue • August 2019

In the latest issue of ABM In Action, we spotlight five ABM pros who have been deemed “Conversation Changers” within the industry for their ability to overcome hurdles and challenges to drive engagement — and revenue — with target accounts. The stories within this issue highlight portions of these within the ABM community and the success they’ve seen. Featured stories include:

  • A unique story detailing how ServiceMax overcame several acquisition and leadership changes to revamp its ABM strategy and gain better insights into target accounts;
  • How LiveRamp turned to direct mail as its go-to outbound channel to engage its expanding customer base and support its partners;
  • A video marketing use case from AlayaCare that shares how the company lifted open rates by 500% with account-based videos;
  • How Transpay increased engagement at half the cost with a better account targeting strategy; and
  • An in-depth look at how CallRail was able to gain deeper insights on its customers and better position itself to expand into new markets.

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