NEW ISSUE: ABM Stories From Shutterstock, RingCentral & More!


Volume 05, Issue 02 • April 2020

When ABM is the name, personalization is the game. Reaching your target accounts with relevant, authentic messaging at the right time is key to true success. The proof is in the ABM case studies that you’re about to read in this new issue of ABM In Action.

Flip through these pages to hear from a variety of ABM practitioners from companies of all shapes, sizes and levels of maturity. You’ll learn how:

  • Shutterstock created synergy between SDRs and marketing to develop a personalized, omnichannel ABM program that led to a 20X boost in engagement;
  • 6sense took gifting to new heights with an AI-powered direct mail strategy to create door-openers and follow up on conversations with prospects;
  • RingCentral went up-market with a highly personalized ABM strategy; and
  • How marketers should tackle a hybrid model of ABM and traditional demand gen from Bob Peterson, VP, Principal Analyst for Demand and ABM at SiriusDecisions/Forrester.

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