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Early adopters of those applying intent data have seen success leveraging these insights to identify likely stakeholders, prioritize accounts and provide relevant messaging at the right time to accelerate potential deals.

Demand Gen Report’s annual ABM Benchmark Survey Report shows that only 25% of B2B companies said they currently use intent data and monitoring tools, while 35% said they plan to use intent insight within the next 12 months.

This spike in interest is being driven in part by the increased flow of successful use cases from B2B marketing and sales teams that are using intent data to deliver ads and campaigns only to companies that are likely to engage, as well as connect with the right stakeholders within target accounts and serve content based on the topics and areas of interest prospects are consuming across the web.

“Intent data is equally valuable and further bridges the gap between marketing and sales,” said David Jones, President of the B2B marketing agency Yesler. “For marketing, intent data enables them to target, nurture and, ultimately, deliver leads to sales who are both demographically qualified and have more intent to buy. For sales, intent data enables more relevant/timely/personalized sales engagement based on the buyer’s interests beyond just the assets they’ve downloaded or the pages they’ve viewed.”

The use of intent data to enhance account targeting and prioritization efforts is covered at length in the recent special report published by Demand Gen Report. The report covers how B2B marketers are turning to intent data to identify surging accounts and engage them with targeted messaging at the right time.

Other topics covered in the report include:

  • Intent data by the numbers, with pertinent research and stats;
  • Best practices for incorporating intent data throughout every stage of the sales funnel;
  • Insights from industry thought leaders from companies such as The ABM Consortium, Lenovo Marcom Central and more;
  • Practical examples of how intent data can impact a variety of marketing channels, such as display advertising, email and more; and
  • Use case examples of how B2B companies are incorporating intent data to their ABM strategies and campaigns.

If you’d like to learn more about how intent data can be refining your account targeting and prioritization strategies, check out the report today!

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