Volume 04, Issue 02

June 2019

While most companies are still in the early stages of ABM adoption, many trendsetters are leading the charge by showing notable results and success with their foremost account initiatives.

This issue of ABM In Action highlights two in-depth use cases, as well as the latest ABM research on how best-in-class practitioners are seeing benefits from early adoption. This includes:

  • Insider tips from the power-duo of ABM pioneers at FullStory;
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how SAP utilizes interactive, “hero” assets that are personalized for key target accounts;
  • An in-depth interview with TOPO analyst Eric Wittlake about how successful ABM teams have driven growth; and
  • New research from TechTarget and Heinz Marketing that highlights how long-term ABM commitments are driving results.