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6sense, an account-based engagement platform, has partnered with intent data aggregator Bombora to integrate Bombora’s Company Surge data with the 6sense Account Engagement Platform.

This partnership will allow Bombora’s Company Surge data to be visible on 6sense’s intent and engagement platform and will provide signals, buyer research data and search history for. By integrating the solution with 6sense’s platform, joint customers are positioned to utilize the intent data to identify a wider range of target accounts, create a more accurate view of B2B industry, understand buyer behavior and improve custom.

“As part of our mission to deliver the most comprehensive account engagement platform on the market, we’re constantly expanding the data sources and insights our customers can use to focus their sales and marketing efforts,” said Viral Bajaria, CTO and Co-Founder of 6sense, in a statement. “Joint customers can now leverage Bombora intent data with 6sense’s robust segmentation, analytics and engagement features to shine a light on their Dark Funnel™ and engage the best accounts for their sales and marketing teams.”

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