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6sense, a predictive intelligence provider, has unveiled a new platform intended to help users leverage AI and machine learning to develop and execute ABM campaigns.

The 6sense Demand Platform is designed to provide full-funnel insights into the buyer journey, increase pipeline and improve B2B campaign execution through automated demand intelligence. The new platform builds upon the company’s predictive intelligence and machine-learning solutions to connect the dots between aggregating predictive and intent signals to executing campaigns on insight gathered from that data.

The company also said the platform can integrate with LinkedIn, Google and Facebook to offer account-based lead generation, social network advertising and search advertising.

Additional features of the new platform include the ability to:

  • Connect first- and third-party data sources to create in-depth account insights;
  • Customize and target different segments via automated integration and display advertising and;
  • Provide sales and marketing teams with workflows, lead scoring and enhanced account information.

“Enabling a multichannel ABM strategy with technology was a monumental martech integration task for organizations,” said Amanda Kahlow, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at 6sense, in a statement. “Customers expressed a need to go beyond analytic insights and take rapid action right within our product by setting up and executing different types of account-based campaigns.”

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