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6sense, an account-based orchestration platform, released an expanded integration with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub that aims to provide HubSpot customers with a full suite of capabilities.

The upgraded integration is designed to empower HubSpot customers to:

  • Identify anonymous intent on their website, as well as third-party sites;
  • Create unified account profiles by connecting intent data, firmographic data, technographic data, sales data and more with HubSpot data;
  • Detect whether an account is in market and which personas in the buying committee should be targeted for engagement;
  • Generate dynamic target lists and orchestrate multi-channel campaigns with display advertising, personalization, sales enablement capabilities and more; and
  • Provide account-based reporting on digital ad performance, engagement and prediction-driven lifts.

“For B2B organizations, delivering personalized experiences at scale, with consistency across multiple channels is important to support their inbound marketing goals,” said Amar Doshi, VP of Product at 6sense, in a statement. “This integration brings the best of 6sense’s account-based sales and marketing capabilities together with HubSpot’s inbound marketing capabilities to deliver on that need.”

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