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Activate Marketing Services, a B2B marketing services company, launched Lead Accelerate ABM, a new product that aims to generate leads from account lists and retarget prospects with highly relevant display ads.

Lead Accelerate ABM is designed to use a mix of content, analytics and display ads to keep a solution top of mind with prospective buyers. It is positioned to:

  • Engage prospects and their teams with targeted display ads;
  • Leverage B2B data from Activate’s sister company, Agent3, and reach only the buyers and accounts that are responding to your Active demand gen campaigns; and
  • Nurture users through the funnel based on lead stage/interest to drive results.

“A comprehensive digital marketing strategy requires targeting prospects with ads that promise solutions to their pain points and problems,” says Ed Grossman, Co-Founder and CEO of Activate, in a statement. “Targeting Activate-generated, in-market leads that are actively seeking solutions to their technology pain points creates greater propensity to buy.”

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