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Engagio, an ABM software provider, unveiled a new feature to provide enhanced analytics for its DASH account-based attribution solution. The feature, Engagement Minute Attribution, aims to analyze how marketing and sales activities work together to drive account engagement.

Engagement Minute Attribution is designed to examine account engagement in minutes and provide insight into the key activities driving engagement. It is positioned to:

  • Align engagement activities and attribution;
  • Uncover the impact of all marketing and sales touches;
  • Understand the effect of the entire revenue team; and
  • Measure business outcomes pre-, during- and post-purchase.

“Marketing has shifted from being perceived as the arts and crafts department to a real revenue driver,” said Jon Miller, Founder and CEO of Engagio, in a statement. “A significant aspect to driving and forecasting revenue is understanding what programs are the most effective… With our new Engagement Minute Attribution, we are making it easier to see how both marketing and sales play a role in driving revenue together.”

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