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EverString, a marketing and sales intelligence software company, has announced an integration with the account-based marketing platform, Terminus.

The integration is positioned so that marketers can use EverString to identify and segment target accounts. They can then use Terminus’s ABM platform to implement and measure account engagement.

“This integration makes launching an account-based marketing campaign as simple as clicking a few buttons,” said J.J. Kardwell, Co-Founder and CEO of EverString, in a statement. “EverString informs customers which accounts are the best fit and also in-market. Through the integration with Terminus, customers can immediately take action to engage those accounts with digital account-based advertising. It’s a roadmap for sales and marketing, telling them where they should start and what actions they should take to initiate contact.”

The integration is available to customers of both companies for free. It follows the release of EverString’s Data Platform, which aims to provide B2B businesses with the data insights needed to make better decisions, last month.

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