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KickFire, a B2B sales automation and IP address intelligence solution, has announced the launch of Account Watchlist within its LIVE Leads platform. The new feature is designed to allow B2B marketers to optimize their account-based marketing (ABM) strategies using firmographic data and IP address intelligence.

Additional Account Watchlist features enable marketers to:

  • Actively monitor, segment and prioritize target accounts;
  • Identify when accounts show active demand and real-time buying intent;
  • Receive instant alerts and automated reports for target accounts showing a lift in engagement;
  • Engage with target accounts early in their buying cycle;
  • Communicate directly with decision makers within the Demand Unit; and
  • Leverage KickFire’s firmographic data, including industry, revenue and employee size, to match new accounts to an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Companies can also use KickFire’s data to identify target accounts, personalize content and utilize predictive B2B ad-targeting.

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