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KickFire, an IP address intelligence company, has released an integration with Integrate, a demand generation solutions provider. The integration is positioned to combine KickFire’s real-time account identification and engagement capabilities with Integrate’s demand orchestration solutions to fuel ABM success.

KickFire’s LIVE Leads solution is designed to identify website visitors and track engagement from target accounts. When a target account reaches a certain engagement level, it is then pushed into Integrate, where it is paired with target personas and served marketing automation sequences, syndicated content and targeted ads. The integration positions the solutions to:

  • Continuously update intent and engagement data;
  • Automatically trigger next-based actions; and
  • Track campaign effectiveness.

“B2B marketing teams are recognizing the need for clean, intelligent data and the need to engage the right accounts at the right time,” said Scott Vaughan, Chief Growth Officer at Integrate, in a statement. “KickFire’s new integration with Integrate’s orchestrate platform ensures an ‘always-on ABM’ experience that helps joint customers strike while the iron is hot — at the buyer’s point of consideration.”

“Your website never sleeps, [and] we believe your ABM shouldn’t either,” said Tina Bean, Co-Founder and VP of Strategic Business Development at KickFire, in a statement. “As an account’s engagement surges, KickFire and Integrate allow you to deliver laser-focused messaging and highly individualized experiences unique to each target account.”

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