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Lattice Engines, an AI-powered ABM company, announced the spring release of its Lattice Atlas Customer Data Platform. The updated platform includes new features designed to help marketers scale and enhance their ABM efforts.

The new capabilities include:

  • Deeper integrations: new and improved integrations with LinkedIn, Microsoft Dynamics and other advertising and sales channels to better engage target accounts across the funnel;
  • Revenue Prediction Modeling: designed to help B2B teams prioritize accounts and assign resources based on predicted spend and customer lifetime value; and
  • Lattice University: an online resource hub to help sales and marketing teams improve their campaigns with AI.

“Customers have told us that they want to expand their ABM programs and as they scale, they are finding that integrating all their data in one place is critical to those efforts,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO and Co-Founder of Lattice Engines, in a statement. “With the latest release, we aim to make it easier than ever to create relevant and personalized experiences for buyers across all channels with the accuracy they demand.”

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