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LeanData, a demand management company, has added territory management capabilities to its Routing Platform. The newfeature is designed to help sales and marketing teams automate lead routing and distribution.

Territory management expands on the company’s Lead Routing Platform, positioning marketers to route leads based on territory definitions. It is designed to help marketing and sales teams complete tasks such as:

  • Outlining market segments and territory with pre-made templates, which can be uploaded directly to the platform;
  • Improving lead management by automatically routing news leads to the right representatives;
  • Tracking lead assignments by territory to maximize coverage; and
  • Aligning sales, marketing and channel teams across the lead routing process.

“LeanData’s Territory Management capability automatically routes leads to the appropriate team or individual based on sophisticated territory definitions,” said Hendrick Lee, Vice President of Product at LeanData, in a statement. “This announcement furthers LeanData’s product innovation and commitment to facilitate meaningful connections between data and people to get to revenue faster.”

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