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Source: MRP

MRP, a provider of predictive customer acquisition software, has released Prelytix Version 2.1, the latest version of its account-based marketing platform designed to provide users with greater insight into marketing operations and streaming analytics.

Prelytix is positioned to use big data from the Kdb+ database, which is offered by data analytics software company Kx Systems. The latest updates aim to offer better insight into customer data, such as intent signals and customer research.

Other updates include a new user interface; segment builders designed to show data on current and prospective customers in a single, simplified view; and custom filters designed to make finding the right data easier.

“The MRP Prelytix 2.1 update was designed to optimize our clients’ account-based marketing strategies through increased marketing and sales alignment,” said Kevin Cunningham, President and CEO of MRP, in a statement. “The analytics enhancements in Prelytix 2.1 facilitate faster action on predictive insights through the appropriate sales and marketing tactics, providing greater customer engagement and increased revenue.”




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