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NetLine, a content syndication and lead generation network, has officially joined the Demandbase ABM Leadership Alliance (ABMLA) to provide thought leadership on how to improve the execution of content-centric ABM strategies.

The ABMLA is a consolidation of different industry technology partners working in unison to cultivate an understanding of ABM and formulate the best strategies for marketing success. The partnership will allow NetLine to actively engage with the ABMLA and the larger ABM landscape, working alongside decision-makers and practitioners to educate businesses creating or using ABM strategies. They will also provide their insights for virtual webinars, ABM benchmark reports, E-books and other future ABMLA services starting in Q3.

NetLine aims to elaborate on ABM strategies that involve content syndication and lead generation to enable marketers to improve engagement with target accounts.

“In a crowded marketplace, ABM is one of the most efficient and effective marketing practices B2B organizations can leverage,” said David Fortino, SVP of NetLine for Audience and Product, in a statement. “We’re elated to partner with our member colleagues through the ABM Leadership Alliance to bring the very best ABM data, strategies, and case studies focused on the ‘last mile’ of ABM where first-party data has been obtained by the marketer.”

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