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Sigstr, an email signature marketing solutions provider, strengthened its integration with SalesLoft, a sales engagement platform. The updated integration aims to bring ABM capabilities into SalesLoft email cadences to help sales teams better promote their content and events to target accounts, accelerate the buyer’s journey and better align sales and marketing teams.

Through the integration, users are positioned to create personalized email signature campaigns for different audience lists. The signatures can be personalized for specific accounts or targeted by region, persona, industry, opportunity stage and more. 

“The average sales person sends over 20,000 emails every year. For our shared customers, this integration means that every one of those emails can contain ads targeted to their recipient with 100% accuracy, delivering click-through rates that outperform traditional display ads 5x to 20x,” said Justin Keller, VP of Marketing at Sigstr, in a statement to ABM In Action. “Sigstr seamlessly turns every SalesLoft user into an extension of their marketing team, delivering account-based, stage-based or anything-based ads with every send.”

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