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StackAdapt, a tactical advertising company, has teamed up with intent data aggregator Bombora to further develop its Audience Solutions program and enhance its digital marketing solutions.

The partnership intends to expand targeting options for StackAdapt’s Audience Solutions in the B2B space, increasing the accuracy of the platform’s data and helping enhance users’ targeted campaigns. StackAdapt’s ABM Audiences will provide the platform with target account and CRM lists, while Bombora’s Company Surge program measures B2B businesses’ research data, allowing marketing teams to advertise directly to specific businesses at the individual employee level and help with measurement, according to the companies.

StackAdapt and Bombora’s solutions will work together to create custom audiences, combining the ABM data with the compiled intensity indicators to provide multi-channel activations support. Both companies aim to provide their users with intent data that is vetted by multiple sources, can increase the efficiency targeting ABM accounts and is applicable in different digital marketing campaigns.

“We are seeing a significant increase in B2B marketers leveraging our platform to enhance their overall digital marketing strategies,” said Michael Shang, Director of Programmatic Partnerships & BI at StackAdapt, in a statement. “With the addition of Bombora’s Audience Solutions, B2B marketers are able to access unique capabilities that will improve their ROI and bottom line.”

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