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Terminus, an ABM execution platform, has partnered with Sigstr, a relationship marketing platform, to provide B2B companies with enhanced account relationship intelligence, improve their ABM strategies and drive alignment between marketing and sales teams.

Sigstr Relationships is positioned to score and quantify a company’s relationships with current and prospective customers via AI. By connecting the tool with Terminus’s ABM platform, the companies aim to deliver better insights into account relationships and empower users to leverage this information to improve segmentation, optimize marketing strategies and drive higher engagement with target accounts.

“Enabling marketing and sales teams to apply the right resources and focus on their best-fit accounts has historically been a huge source of friction in many companies,” said Bryan Brown, CPO of Terminus, in a statement. “This partnership with Sigstr allows us to provide even better intelligence at an account level to not only understand overall engagement, but to also see the human relationship strength across the account. Armed with this added capability, marketing and sales teams can better identify the right tactics to accelerate pipeline and drive revenue with ABM.”

“Sigstr Relationships perfectly aligns with Terminus’ account-based platform, as both exist to empower sales and marketing to get better results with ABM,” said Bryan Wade, Sigstr CEO, in a statement. “When customers use Sigstr Relationships and Terminus together, they’ll be able to leverage a new signal of engagement, the Sigstr Relationship Score, to power ABM. They’ll also have the insight they need to ensure the sales and marketing alignment that will help them move forward as a company.”

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