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Triblio has unveiled “Ask an ABM Expert,” a series of short, educational videos that aim to answer common questions about ABM and modern B2B marketing. The first season is hosted by the company’s Chief Customer Officer Andrew Mahr, who will answer questions such as: “How do I successfully combine intent data with ABM?” and “What ABM model is right for me?”

As an early adopter of ABM practices, Mahr will dive deep into pressing topics to help practitioners launch campaigns to scale pipeline growth and reach revenue goals — just as he does with Triblio customers on a day-to-day basis.

“I’m excited to share best practices to help marketers plan and execute successful ABM programs,” said Mahr in a statement. “This video series is a great source of ABM knowledge. It’s easily accessible and the right vehicle to deliver important, practical advice. Marketers want to know what’s working in ABM, and our goal is to empower them with expert advice to help guide their account-based strategy.”

The first three videos of the “Ask an ABM Expert” series are live today, and new episodes will be released every other Tuesday. Future episodes will also feature industry thought leaders such as SiriusDecisions analysts, successful ABM practitioners and executives at partner organizations.

“While ABM has certainly grown in popularity over recent years, marketers often encounter real challenges when it comes to operationalizing ABM,” said Bob Peterson, VP, Principal Analyst of Account-Based Marketing at SiriusDecisions and recent guest on the “Ask an ABM Expert” series. “Marketers need more ABM knowledge and practical advice to help overcome these challenges.”

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