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Triblio announced that it has partnered with Bombora, a B2B intent data provider. The partnership is designed to bring Bombora’s third-party intent data and first-party intent signals into Triblio’s ABM platform — specifically the company’s AI-powered purchase intent scoring capabilities.

The combination of data and signals from Bombora and Triblio respectively aims to provide customers with a holistic view of their target accounts and help businesses prioritize accounts that are actively researching a purchase decision.

“Third-party intent is rapidly becoming vital to proper account selection,” said Andre Yee, CEO of Triblio, in an interview with ABM In Action. “Real purchase intent, what everyone is trying to discover, is a combo of third-party intent and first-part intent signals on your website. The combination of firmographic and intent indicators is becoming a best practice in account selection, and leading marketers understand this and are putting it into practice.”

“Once we saw the success and ease of use for our customers, it accelerated the partnership immensely,” said Charles Crnoevich, Head of Partnerships at Bombora, in an interview with ABM In Action. “One of the bigger tenants of account-based marketing is taking higher-percentage shots and understanding your total addressable market to understand who potential customers are and what will generate revenue. We think third-party intent data helps customers take one step further and identify accounts that actually are in market.”

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