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Uberflip, a cloud-based content experience platform, has launched a new suite designed to help marketers execute and improve their ABM programs.

The suite aims to help marketers organize, personalize and scale content, as well as create one-to-one content experiences for target accounts. Features include:

  • A centralized location for marketing and sales to upload and coordinate content;
  • Uberflip Marketing Stream, a personalized content destination for target accounts, which includes content catered to them;
  • Stream Templates, which aim to enable marketers to customize the design and branding of Marketing Streams, including logos, images, colors, branding and more.

The release follows the company’s recent $32 million Series A funding round.

“We’ve spent the last 18 months developing new solutions that arm marketers with the power to execute ABM campaigns,” explains Yoav Schwartz, CEO at Uberflip, in a statement. “These new capabilities in our platform were developed with feedback from great beta customers like Snowflake, Avanti and CollabNet VersionOne. This release allows us to officially check off ABM as a way you can leverage content with Uberflip.”

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