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By Brianna Ruback

Zylotech, a B2B customer data platform (CDP) company, is teaming up with Bombora, a B2B intent data provider, to help marketers better identify key accounts and personas for their ABM initiatives.

Zylotech’s CDP will now feature Bombora’s intent data feed, which is positioned to provide marketing and sales teams with actionable insights into the customer’s path to purchase.

The integration of both companies’ AI technologies intends to:

  • Improve the lead-to-close rate by continuously building, updating and creating a comprehensive view of prospects and customers;
  • Increase sales and customer loyalty by leveraging customer intent and preference data and recommending the most relevant products and content at scale in real time;
  • Discover new qualified leads by automatically capturing and cultivating new ideal customers and lookalike contacts; and
  • Drive timely and relevant messaging to the buyer by extending targeted outreach based on where they are in their journey.

“Bombora’s intent data coupled with Zylotech’s unified view of all customer data means marketing and sales [teams] now have a single, seamless way to identify ideal B2B buyers and drive more conversions,” said Patrick O’Brien, Chief Revenue Officer of Zylotech, in a statement. “Marketers can personalize their campaigns specifically to the buyer’s intent, allowing sales to focus on buyers with expressed interest, and proactively engage in the decision-making process armed with customer insights.”

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