In ABM In Action

Folloze, a personalized B2B marketing platform, has launched ABM Now, an all-in-one ABM solution that combines Folloze’s platform with Demandbase’s firmographic data to help marketers improve the personalization of their revenue-generating campaigns based on their target account’s preferences.

Some of ABM Now’s capabilities include:

  • Real-time account identification that leverages Demandbase’s IP identification, firmographic data and matching capabilities to segment target accounts and highlight new opportunities;
  • Account Engagement Metrics and Dashboards that measure account engagement and campaign performance across a target audience;
  • The ability to integrate data into an existing martech stack for improved ROI;
  • Intelligent content experiences and sales motions for marketers to deliver the personalized messaging and content to high-propensity target accounts; and
  • The ability to create virtual events and digital experiences to boost engagement and attendance.

The solution also aims to help marketers address challenges in their ABM campaign executions by assisting them with refining their martech stack, tailoring content and aligning data.

“ABM is a critical business strategy for B2B organizations, and accurately identifying and understanding the accounts you are targeting is an essential part of a successful ABM strategy,” said Peter Isaacson, CMO at Demandbase and Folloze advisor, in a statement. “We are thrilled to extend our longstanding partnership with Folloze and combine our industry-leading account identification and rich account data with ABM Now. This will give customers the foundation they need to execute world-class ABM programs.”

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