In ABM In Action

ABM platform Terminus has released new enhancements to its Terminus Engagement Hub, with the intent of helping marketers improve their account attribution and establish stronger relationships with their target accounts.

The platform’s new capabilities include:

  • A Terminus Mobile App for Apple iOS and Android that helps users drive conversations with leads and target accounts in real-time from any location;
  • Enhanced Google and Adobe Analytics Integrations that allow users to segment their account and firmographic data by sending it from Terminus’ platform directly into Google and Adobe tools;
  • An expanded Visitor ID system that connects emails and IP addresses for improved database search results and increased active account match rates; and
  • A Next Generation Ad Retargeting solution that positions users to create and launch their retargeting tactics from directly within Terminus’ platform, uncovering account engagement insights while removing excess data and jobs.

“While where we work day-to-day has changed, we’re all still trying to drive demand,” said Bryan Wade, Terminus Chief Product Officer, in a statement. “This newest product release is focused solely on making ABM more effective while sales teams, prospects, and customers are all working from home. From our new mobile app to our enhanced visitor ID, we’re connecting revenue teams with target audiences, no matter where they are.”

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