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6sense, an ABM orchestration platform, unveiled new sales intelligence features designed to provide quick, digestible insights to accelerate sales and boost marketing alignment.

Sales Intelligence is positioned to use CRM and MAP data, as well as web engagement data and anonymous intent data from 6sense, to build a comprehensive view of account intent, engagement and reach. The new features, which are available immediately to 6sense customers, include:

  • The ability to track account engagement over time to identify trends and optimize sales outreach;
  • Insight into anonymous intent from key accounts; and
  • Access to the engagement status of target personas in any given deal.

“For this major release, focusing on customer feedback has allowed us to deliver capabilities that enhance the 6sense experience for sales users,” said Amar Doshi, VP of Product at 6sense, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “The new Sales Intelligence Experience is designed to help revenue teams understand the impact of sales and marketing activities on an account’s intent to purchase, track an accounts engagement level over time and identify the most important people at each account who should be involved in the buying cycle — all right within the CRM they use every day.”

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