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DataFox, a company intelligence provider, has released Inbound IQ, a solution designed to connect leads with account-based strategies.

Inbound IQ aims to help marketing and sales teams identify qualified leads and coordinate efforts for engagement. The solution is designed to use intelligent forms to validate leads by matching email addresses with company domains. It can then link new and existing leads with companies and automatically update and enrich this information.

Additional features include:

  • Company signals, designed to track company activity and provide the sales team with information to grow engagement; and
  • Account Scoring, which aims to link engagement scores with company fit to identify Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs); and
  • ABM execution, which is positioned to use account scoring to link ABM execution campaigns with best-fit companies.

“By translating data between leads and accounts and adding intelligence to the inbound process, we’re filling an information void that created a misalignment problem between marketing and sales teams,” said Mike Dorsey, Co-Founder of DataFox, in a statement to ABM In Action. “With Inbound IQ, account fit characteristics become the backbone of sales and marketing engagement, bringing both inbound and ABM in harmony with sales.”

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