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DealSignal, a B2B demand generation software, released a total audience measurement (TAM) module designed to help marketing and sales team members measure and understand their total audience, as well as identify any gaps in their current coverage.

The DealSignal platform enables users to define their ideal customer profile and target persona, as well as find the contacts and accounts that best match. The new TAM module aims to enhance the platform by providing features that can:

  • Collect data on a user’s target audience via AI, APIs, robots and professional data researchers;
  • Evaluate the TAM based on persona, account segment and buying committee; and
  • Compare the target audience with the user’s CRM to discover coverage gaps by account, industry, geography and more.

“We’ve run hundreds of TAM analyses for B2B marketing teams in various industries, and customers are consistently surprised to find that they’re missing more than 80% of their target audience,” said Rob Weedn, Founder and CEO of DealSignal, in a statement. “TAM coverage is currently averaging 18%. It’s a big ‘aha moment’ to learn that you’re missing out on marketing or selling to a large majority of your potential buyers.”

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