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MRP, a predictive customer acquisition software provider, unveiled MRP Prelytix Version 2.2, with updates to its predictive analytics and ABM platform that aim to better identify and activate target audiences through customized display ads.

The platform includes new features designed to help marketers improve segmentation with enhanced firmographic, demographic and engagement data powered by the Kx Systems database. Leveraging this data, marketers can now send customized display ads to target segments and adapt the message in real-time based on buyer insights.

MRP Prelytix Version 2.2 also includes enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities designed to measure the impact of targeted display ads across landing pages.

“We are always focused on empowering our customers with buyer journey insight and predictive analytics that fuel impactful ABM strategies and execution,” said Kevin Cunningham, President and CEO of MRP, in a statement. “The MRP Prelytix 2.2 update is a major step forward in our AI-powered software platform. It prepares marketing and sales teams to connect with accounts in a meaningful, targeted way to drive profitable outcomes.”

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