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ABM platform provider Demandbase unveiled new capabilities aimed at helping marketers extract the necessary insights to tailor campaigns that drive revenue. The three new solutions — Demandbase Data Stream, Site Analytics and Self-Serve Targeting — are already helping early adopters such as Autodesk and Agilent improve programmatic ad targeting and website metrics.

The new applications are designed to enable marketers to access data for dashboards, website analytics and autonomously launch digital advertising campaigns. The goal of the new solutions is to provide a holistic, ABM-focused understanding of customers and prospects.

Site Analytics is designed to provide accessibility and an account-based view of traditional website analytics. According to company officials, the system enables marketers to better evaluate which target accounts are engaging on their site, on what pages specifically, to then personalize marketing and sales efforts. Through Site Analytics, B2B marketers can also create new audience segments and create content-specific campaigns based on the pages that are of the most value to targeted accounts, the announcement noted.

“For our marketing team to have the ability to create audiences based on target account traffic to campaign landing pages and product pages is incredibly valuable,” said Erica Bowman, ABM Program Manager for early adopter Autodesk, in a statement.

Self-Serve Targeting aims to simplify the processes for setting up and configuring campaigns. Customers can now create and launch advertising creative and campaigns within the platform, providing more control and flexibility, according to company officials.

“Programmatic and ABM have become a key part of our internal agency’s marketing efforts. We need a targeting solution that can help us take control and ensure our campaigns are reaching our target audiences,” said Richard Rodgers, Global Director of Digital Marketing for Agilent, an early adopter.

Data Stream intends to provide customized reporting and dashboards in a customer’s preferred analytics tool. Data Stream includes account-specific data that marketers are looking for to understand their potential customers and where they are on their buying journeys, including intent, website engagement and campaign performance, according to a company statement.

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