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RollWorks, the ABM subdivision of the digital marketing company NextRoll Inc., announced a new partnership with Marketo that will combine Marketo Engage with RollWorks’ account-based marketing platform. The partnership aims to help users better identify high-value accounts, engage buying committees and measure multichannel account-based experiences.

The RollWorks and Marketo Engage partnership aims to provide a more informative perspective on potential buyer data, allowing targeted marketing campaigns to map specific accounts to roles and titles based on ROI. It also allows consumers to identify those high-value accounts, engage in the buying committees via multiple channels and measure the ABM pipeline and revenue growth.

Users of these two services are positioned to leverage RollWork’s 330 million contacts and 20 million companies to find the highest-value accounts and cross-analyze their data with Marketo Engage’s suggested strategies. With this information, B2B clients are positioned to move high-value accounts through the sales funnel faster with more personalized campaigns.

“Marketing and sales teams need unified information and strategies to see the biggest return from their account-based marketing efforts,” said Mike Stocker, VP of Strategic Partnerships at RollWorks, in a statement. “Marketo Engage has been a game-changer for ABM and sales due to its scalability and performance tracking. Using RollWorks, Marketo Engage can expand reach exponentially beyond known contacts by mapping priority account characteristics from Marketo Engage to our vast account data graph of approximately 20 million businesses and 330 million professionals. Our rich orchestration layer allows for programmatic reach across multiple channels at an unprecedented scale, and the ability to measure effectiveness against priority targets.”

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