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Terminus has acquired the account-based chat solution Ramble to increase response time and results with ABM clients through real-time chat capabilities.

The acquisition of Ramble’s chat solution will allow Terminus customers to conduct virtual account-based conversations directly within the Terminus platform, providing direct connection to accounts without online forms. Marketing teams using Terminus will also be able to connect sales teams to various ABM advertising and brand activities for maximum efficiency on a unified platform.

Terminus’ platform intelligence will use Ramble’s chatbots for data collection and lead generation services, fostering relationships between users and customers based on predetermined preferences. In addition, the chat capability will provide customers with instant responses from Terminus’ customer service, sales and marketing teams in both the web browser and in-app versions.

“Native chat is a game-changer for our customers as we help them drive full-funnel engagement,” said Tim Kopp, Terminus CEO, in a press release. “We’re in the middle of a major industry shift — marketers want all-in-one platforms over best-of-breed integrations because, at the end of the day, integrations can only do so much. Now with Ramble, our customers can personally engage target audiences at any stage of the funnel. We’re so impressed with this team and couldn’t be more pumped to officially have them as part of Terminus.”

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