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Troparé, Inc., a B2B marketing and sales solution provider, and Lattice Engines, a predictive marketing and sales provider, have announced a new partnership designed to help users achieve account-based marketing and sales at scale and across mobile devices.

The partnership aims to empower customers to create AI-driven sales plays in the Lattice Atlas platform. Troparé’s mobile prospecting application is positioned to then funnel the sales plays into the appropriate CRM platform or directly into Troparé Studio, where they can be delivered to any mobile device or tablet.

“Troparé has been very successful developing custom data-related native mobile applications for enterprise customers over the years,” said Jean-Paul Gomes de Laroche, Corporate VP of Lattice Engines, in a statement. “This partnership will enable any customer, no matter their CRM of choice (if any), to access AI-driven insights and execute sales plays whenever and wherever they want.”

“Our proven mobile platform, in combination with Lattice Engines, creates an ideal channel to easily access and consume their unique predictive insights, accelerating the entire sales cycle without being bound to a specific CRM or alternative stationary distribution channels,” said Greg Carpenter, CEO and Founder of Troparé, in a statement.

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