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ZenIQ, an ABM and sales orchestration platform, has announced a partnership with HG Data, an intelligence company for B2B technology marketers. The partnership positions both companies to help users develop ideal customer profiles (ICP) focusing on characteristics of target accounts and customer relationships.  

Through the partnership, ZenIQ’s platform now incorporates technographic information from HG Data. The technographics are designed to describe target accounts by including technology products they use, while also operationalizing data without the need for it to be downloaded. These features are designed to help users determine marketing, sales, operations, human resources, financial, technology systems and stacks a prospect has deployed. These insights can then help build target account lists and refine ICPs.

“HG Data provides immediate and tremendous value for all our customers,” said Srihari Kumar, CEO of ZenIQ, in a statement. “The incredible breadth of technographic information across marketplace segments and vertical markets means marketers are better able to analyze, segment and target accounts with a significantly improved level of detail while building more accurate ICPs.”

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