In ABM In Action

True Influence, a demand generation and B2B sales acceleration platform, has launched their True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud, which is designed to provide intent-driven insights to help marketing and sales teams improve account engagement, campaign performance and ROI for multichannel strategies.

The True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud provides customer records that identify intent signals for a better understanding of the total active market and an omnichannel view of individual customers. This allows users to create audience segments for monitoring their campaign performance and results to ensure data quality, according to the company.

“We know that B2B marketing and sales organizations are under more pressure than ever to deliver more with less resources,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence, in a statement. “So, we developed a solution that puts all the tools into one place to streamline the process and increase the chance for success. Our goal is to make orchestrating across channels simpler and give users the confidence to execute ABM programs at scale, connecting sales and marketing with their next customer.”

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