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RollWorks, the ABM subdivision of the digital marketing company NextRoll Inc., announced an integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions that aims to help B2B marketers to launch, optimize and report on their account-based activities across both platforms. By integrating LinkedIn ads with RollWorks’, B2B marketers will be positioned to effectively target and engage priority accounts and measure results all in one place.

The new integration enables marketers to:

  • Discover new best-fit accounts with RollWorks’ Account Suggestions feature to help marketers allocate budget across LinkedIn and the open web and automate the process of engaging these accounts from within the RollWorks platform;
  • Leverage machine learning to maximize return on marketing spend by prioritizing accounts to engage based on RollWorks’ Fit Grade modeling;
  • Target a dynamically synced list of accounts from Salesforce or find and engage additional best-fit accounts using RollWorks’ database and automate the activation of these newly discovered high-priority accounts on LinkedIn; and
  • Conduct cross inventory reporting in one place, with combined reporting for advertising campaigns across Web, Facebook, and now LinkedIn.

“The integration with LinkedIn supports RollWorks’ commitment to democratizing ABM as it empowers marketers to launch, manage, optimize and run account-based advertising campaigns across different channels from multiple systems,” said Mike Stocker, VP of Strategic Partnerships at RollWorks in a statement. “We’re excited to make ABM approachable and successful for ambitious B2B marketers by delivering a powerful, turnkey ABM solution that can now reach LinkedIn’s professional audience at scale.”

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